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Written by Vina Jones on Sep. 15, 2017
It is wonderful what you are doing. We will be following you!!!
Written by Elly Worden on Oct. 18, 2014
You just keep growing and growing as an artist, Teena. Your paintings are happy meals for the eyes. <3
Written by Teresa on Nov. 25, 2013
Tina, it is clear that you are a gifted artist. What fun to be able to express yourself in this medium. Your love for animals comes through loud and clear. Keep up the great work!

Latest comments

15.10 | 10:29

You are an AMAZING artist and person! Thats amazing that you are becoming your true self. Your true self is incredible!

05.12 | 20:47

You are welcome to come by anytime and see my art and studio. Just email, call or text. I will give you a personal tour. I

04.12 | 22:05

I am so bummed I missed last Sunday's show! I love your art and was looking forward to seeing it in person. I love your style and color palette!

07.11 | 14:21

Still one of my favorite pieces and proudly displayed in my kitchen!

Terri (In Her Image Gallery)