New Western Art

I grew up in Montana, next to Glacier National Park. I grew up seeing many kinds of wildlife. It was nothing to see herds of buffalo roaming the fields, as well. Instead of going to the zoo, like many kids do, my father would take my sisters and I to Glacier Park. Bears would come right up to the car and we would throw bread out the window and thought nothing of it then.

I have been stongly influenced by my Montana roots and I am now including more of that influence into my art. I was very fortunate to be raised around all that genuine beauty. There is a raw elegance that exists there. Even today I am moved by it. Growing up there has enabled me to recognize the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday in nature.

I started painting regularly in 2001 before my mother died. She always knew I was an artist, but I never had the confidence to pursue my art. I was too busy trying to be conventional and work at jobs that paid the bills. People told me  I'd never make a living as an artist. But, that was not really the point. I needed to be true to myself and acknowledge the artist within me. In 2001 I set myself free and began to paint.

Art is my true calling. I am influenced by my favorite artists, Grandma Moses, Peter Max, Georgia O'keefe, Van Gogh and Nancy Cawdrey.

Big Sky 30 x 40 Acryllic
Sweet Dog 12 x 12 Acryllic
Cowgirl 16 x 20 Acrylic
Bill 20 x 20 Acrylic
Ice Cold Bear 12 x 12 Acrylic
Picassos Cat
I'm All Yours
Finding My Joy
In the Land of Peace and Quiet

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Nome Middleton | Reply 15.03.2016 03.57

I love the dogs!!! Great work! You can see some of my art work on my sight.
Congratulations on your marriage!

Karen Johansen | Reply 19.11.2015 22.42

Hi Teena, They are all great. I really like Picasso Cat, Finding My Joy and the new one, Montana Bear. Keep up the good work! Art Saves Lives! Karen

Maggie Carter | Reply 22.10.2014 22.44

Hey, your art looks good.

Maggie Carter | Reply 30.05.2014 22.38

Hi Teena,
Our cousin Steve and must have been on the sit at about the same time. Loved your art.

Steve Goss | Reply 06.01.2014 13.04

I love your pictures!
Steve (cousin)

Miss maggie | Reply 11.12.2012 22.03

New site is great!

jan goss | Reply 10.12.2012 10.52

Teena, these are great ... your cuz' jan

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07.11 | 14:21

Still one of my favorite pieces and proudly displayed in my kitchen!

Terri (In Her Image Gallery)

15.03 | 03:57

I love the dogs!!! Great work! You can see some of my art work on my sight.
Congratulations on your marriage!

24.02 | 19:25

Never mind. I found it. I gave my copy to a woman here who rescues feral cats to help her raise money for Operation Catsnip. I got all my kitties from her.

24.02 | 19:21

One of my favorites was "Moonlight Friends." I don't see that here.

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